Register your business and open a current account with Tide for free

In spite of the COVID 19 crisis, many people are using this time as an opportunity to start a business while on furlough.

Tide are dedicated to small businesses. You can register your limited company for free and open a Tide account today, with no monthly fees.

Tide business accounts provide easy invoicing and accounting services by automating finances – smart tools and flexible features made to save you time and money.

So are you thinking of starting a business to be part of the economic recovery? Here are just a few of the questions that Tide can help you answer:
- If you have a business idea, how do you make it happen?
 - What types of company are people creating?
 - Are there any schemes for people setting up a business right now?
 - How long does it take to set up a business? 
 - What advice would you give to new start-ups or people wanting to create a business now?

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